Getting Started: AKA Read This First

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Getting Started: AKA Read This First

Post by SharonFish on 4/12/2009, 2:14 am

Welcome to The Aurenul Outpost. Let me give you a brief tour of the grounds.

What is The Aurenul Outpost?
An original setting and original character turn based forum role playing game. In other words, members invent characters and write posts in which those characters interact with the characters created by other members in a setting made up by the Admin (a.k.a. Me). The actual dynamics of this are explained here.

What should I do first?

1) Read the Rules

2) Make a post introducing yourself in the Player Information forum. This lets everyone know who you are and what your interests are.

3) Read the posts in The Classroom section of the forums. There is a lot of information there, and you need not read it in depth and commit it all to memory, but a basic familiarity with the world is needed to build a character.

4) Post a character profile in Character Registration for approval.

5) When your character is approved, a post will be made in the Character Database, and you can begin to use them in the RP. If you are having trouble finding other characters to play with post in Plot Discussion or contact a Mod to help you play matchmaker.

6) Ask a Mod or Admin for any help that you may need.

7) Have lots of fun.

What should I not do?

1) Try to play characters not made up by you. This is not a fan fiction forum. The world of Aurenul is not related to the worlds in other works of science fiction.

2) Not ask for help if you need it. The title of Evil Overlord is purely ironic I assure you. If you have questions, ask them.

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