The Itovan Empire

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The Itovan Empire

Post by SharonFish on 4/20/2009, 8:05 am

National symbol: an eagle holding a sword and dagger in front of a snow capped mountain.

Government: Power is split 40/60 between an emperor and a senate. The position of emperor is passed down hereditarily through the male line. The senate is nominated by the emperor then elected by the existing senate. Senate positions are held for life or until the senator chooses to retire. There is no fixed number of senators, but it usually hovers around 50.

Currently there are 53 senators.

The Current Royal Family:
Loïc Eld: Emperor
Ifan Eld: The Emperor's younger brother and next in line for the throne
Elanda Eld: The queen mother

Judicial System: Strong government sponsored court system. No government sponsored police. Those who are victims of crime hire private detectives to seek the perpetrator.

Technology: Advanced

Population: Mainly in urban centers. Small wealthy elite. Large middle class. Many middle class have a Patron amongst the elite, whom they go to get help with legal troubles, and whom they provide with services. There is reasonable equality between the genders, but a certain level of patriarchy is still common.

Military: highly developed. Human officers with cyborg soldiers. Officers trained in military schools.

Gods are those who’s souls have passed into the second plane but can still affect the plane of the living (first plane).

Primary Diety:
Aneirin: God of Wisdom. The first emperor.

Other Deities of Note:
Gwil: Protector of cities. Aneirin’s brother.
Elke: Patron of the home, particularly of wives and mothers. Wife of Aneirin
Gry: Goddess of the sun. Associated with growth and strength. One of Aneirin’s generals
Muna: God of the night and stars. Associated with mysteries and wishes. One of Aneirin’s generals.
Eben: God of the afterlife. The cyborg god. Aneirin’s personal aid.

The emperor is a living deity.

Afterlife: resembles life, but on a different plain of existence. Requires no special effort to achieve, but the morally upright receive better treatment
Supernatural: angry ghosts

Worship: involves sacrifice at temples in hopes of receiving favor from the god or goddess
Holidays: very many
Holidays Celebrate: major deities, great rulers, the equinoxes and solstices

Clergy: both genders
Function: connection to spirits/deceased, spiritual advisors
Lifestyle: average, live in temples
Family: allowed to marry but it’s rare
Chosen: ordained by other clergy
Distinguished By: special robes and jewelry

Holy Color: red

Passed Down: via a strong oral tradition with some writings
Creation Myth Type: order from void/chaos

Deadly Sins: sloth, cowardice, being over emotional
High Virtues: strength, bravery, self reliance

Coming of Age: 12 years old
Coming of Age Rite: involves ritual cleansing

Marriage: largely a legal arrangement and easily broken by either party
Marriage Rites: no formal ceremony, but there is usually a public announcement of some sort and a feast

Death Rites: are a private affair and involve cremation.

Major Taboo: mental illness

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