The Basics of A.I. Units

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The Basics of A.I. Units

Post by SharonFish on 5/11/2009, 9:54 pm

What they are:

Robots with artificial intelligence. Or to put it another way machines that can think. Most, but not all, are capable of independent motion.

A.I. Units are a relatively new technology developed by the Itovan Empire (unavailable in other countries). They are chiefly used to preform jobs for which cyborgs are unsuitable or to enhance the functionality of standard equipment (e.g. cars that think). A.I. units are not normally owned by private individuals, but rather by large companies or the government.

A.I. Units are never humanoid in shape. Any job that requires a human analogue is preformed by a cyborg. Rather they take on whatever shape best enables them to preform the task at hand. This may include some humanoid parts, but on the whole they lack general human appearance.

Most A.I. Units require external power sources, but some who work primarily outdoors are equipped with solar cells.

A.I. Psychology:

All A.I. Units have an unflagging loyalty to their owners hardwired into them. No amount of reprograming can alter this. The only thing that can be altered is the registered owner.

A.I. Units, not surprisingly think like machines. Everything is excessively logical, and problems are solved in the most simple and rational way possible. They do have some emotional responses but these are often stunted, and furthermore they develop outside of the initial programing. That is to say that the older an A.I. Unit is, the more emotional it is likely to be. This can carry on to extreme levels; as A.I. Units age the sometimes become "eccentric," particularly if they have spent the majority of their life in remote areas with limited human contact. Some efforts are made to remove A.I. Units with "erratic behaviors" from operation, but due to the expense involved in creating new units, those whose behaviors do not interfere with their work are often left in service.

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