The Princess is Alive?

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The Princess is Alive?

Post by SharonFish on 5/19/2009, 3:19 pm

The Rumor: The Princess Grace of the former country of Mardra was not murdered with the rest of her family. She somehow survived and is now traveling with a cyborg companion.
Variations: Her relationship with the cyborg is a point of some dispute, some say he is her lover, while others insist that he is only her bodyguard.
Location: This is mostly contained within the Mardra territory and the surrounding areas, though a few echos of it have been heard in most of the major capitols.
Believability: While actual sightings of the Princess are few and hard to credit, the vast amount of circulation of this rumor seems to lend it some credence even in the eyes of skeptics. The fact that all attempts to accretion the whereabouts of the princess' remains will get you bogged down in a mire of bureaucracy and no real answer only adds fuel to the fire.

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