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General Rules

Post by SharonFish on 4/12/2009, 12:06 pm

My biggest rule of thumb is behave like a grownup. Be a mature and rational adult and, for the most part, things will run smoothly. But here is a list of actual rules to give that generality a little more direction.

1) Please keep all posts in the in character section of the forums, in character. I understand that some out of character "table talk" is sometimes needed to help things run smoothly, but please use the Plot Discussion forum or a private message for this.

2) Profanity is allowed, but please use it with discretion. Personal attacks against other players are not allowed. Sexually explicit material is not allowed. Links to sexually explicit material are not allowed.

3) If you are going to be unable to RP for a while, please let your fellow players know via a post in Player Information. This is so arrangements for your character can be made during your absence, so some advance notice is preferable.

4) Please make an effort to keep your posts spelling and grammar correct. Overly frequent errors in either department make posts hard to read and understand. A minimal usage of internet shorthand is acceptable in the out of character sections, but please no posts made entirely in it.

5) Keep any image in your signature small and unobtrusive.

6) One account per person. You may have more than one character per account. You may not have multiple accounts for multiple characters.

7) Admins and Moderators have final say on everything. They can remove posts that are found to be unacceptable. That said, if you ever have a question or concern about the rules feel free to contact one of us about it either via the Ask a Mod forum or by private message if you would prefer your question remain confidential. The goal is not to take away all the fun, but merely to establish a consistent rule of order. I cannot promise that the rules will be changed if you ask us, but I can promise that all concerns will be taken seriously.

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