The Republic of Rho

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The Republic of Rho

Post by SharonFish on 10/13/2009, 9:28 pm

National symbol: A square inscribed within a circle on a pale yellow field

Government: Republic

There are two branches of the government, and executive and a legislative. Judicial tasks are considered a subset of the legislative branch.

Current heads:
President: Theorn Krev
Head of Parliament: Meloda Sand

Technology: Second highest, after Itova. Are constantly seeking to recreate Itovan cyborgs, without success. Any cyborg captured by Rho is likely to be disassembled and dissected in an attempt at reverse engineering.

Population: Largely based in urban centers. Jobs are about a 50/50 mix of scientists and laborers. The standard of living is significantly lower for laborers.

Military: Aided by their advanced technology, but too small to be really useful.

Religion: None. Save perhaps a religion-like devotion to science.

Age of legal independence: 19

Marriage: Largely a legal function, but is often celebrated by the newlyweds throwing a party for friends and family.

Death Rites: Bodies are cremated without much ceremony

High Virtue: Logical thinking

Major Taboo: behaving irrationally

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