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halp plz

Post by hda007 on 11/10/2009, 8:37 pm

so i really like this, i just dunno where to start. it's all so big and overwhelming and i can't choose what i want to be or do. I could use some direction =D

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Re: halp plz

Post by SharonFish on 11/12/2009, 10:43 am

I would have posted this sooner, but my computer has been having trouble with viewing this site for some reason.

So, big world is big and vauge. Some overreaching guidelines:

Humans are the most versatile things to be. Humans can go anywhere, do any job, aspire to any possibility within their physical limits. I include humans with cybernetic enhancements in this group.

Cyborgs of the variety that are made from the dead and are more machine than man are specialized to their job. They are also slaves. The main thing to remember here is that they like their jobs, and while they may not like their owners (though usually they do), disobeying them is completely out of the question. They lack the full range of emotions that humans have, but they still can lead complex and interesting lives, and they do form emotive bonds with others with a bit of effort. They just tend to be a little more task oriented then your average human, and considerably less likely to suffer from existential angst.

AI units are even more specialized and considerably less empathetic to humans. They have a job and they do their job, how they relate to others tends to be a function of doing their job. They are also a fairly new technology and prone to glitches.

Your country is at war. Whereever you are from, the war is going to effect you in some way.

The Itovans have the best of everything. Except food. They are the biggest, wealthiest, smartest country out there, but the land is largely barren and they can't trade for food, being that they are at war with the world. They don't suffer from hunger, but what they have is a lot of processed protein and cultured fungus and the like.

The cyborgs and AI units are something that only the Itovans have. Everyone else wants them. But Rho wants them most of all.

The rim nation countries are all equal, but some are more equal than others. Lorjak and Curnadac are the two biggest powers, with Rho and Pennya in close second.

Everyone knows that there is a second continent. No one has ever been there.

So with that said, it really boils down to what sort of character you want to play.

If you want to be an adventurer, there is a whole half a planet unexplored. An expedition is more likely to come from one of the rim nations as Itova has no seaports, but there are Itovan ex-pats out there including some lost and stolen cyborgs.

If you wanna hack and smash things there is a fantastically large war for you do so with.

If you want to play out some political drama, the Rim Nations are always struggling with one another for dominance, and Itova's power is very precariously balanced between a senate and an emperor.

If you want to play an ordinary person, living the drama of their life, there could be some epicness in playing a war refugee, or there are any number of cities and towns to set up as your home. Each country has its own flavor, and I promise that I will try and have information on all of them soon.

I wanted this world to be as accommodating to different styles of play as possible. So whatever sort of play you're interested in, chances are, it is doable.

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