Game Rules and Wold Interaction Guide

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Game Rules and Wold Interaction Guide

Post by SharonFish on 4/12/2009, 2:09 pm

All General Posting Rules apply to in character posts.

In Character Posting Rules:

1) All in character posts should be third person past tense. This will lend clarity and consistency to reading the threads.

2) Do not assume the reactions of other characters. If you would like to know the reaction of another players character in advance to make writing your post go more smoothly, then ask that player in a private message.

3) All actions and thoughts in in character posts are about the characters and should not be taken personally. If you ever feel that this is not the case, contact a Mod.

4) No "netspeek" or emoticons in in character posts. Do not use font face or color to indicate meaning. In other words don't make words bold to emphasize them, and other such things.

5) While there is no strict minimum length for in character posts, please avoid overly short posts. Please put thought and effort into each post. A Moderator may ask you to elaborate on any post they feel is too short.

6) Make a distinction between "dialouge" and thoughts. The BBCode for italics is:
[i]thoughts go here[/i]
7) Be as clear and descriptive as possible about your actions.

8) Do not start combat with another player's character without that player's permission. (see combat rules)

9) Let all the other character's in your thread post before you post again, unless given permission to do otherwise by the other players. An exception to this can be made in cases of extreme absenteeism with moderator approval.

10) All in character posting material should be original and written by you. The only exception to this rule is reference to scientific information that is made in a reasonable and literate manner. (Such as paraphrasing of a scientific theory by a scientist character attempting to explain it to a neophyte.)

Combat Rules:

1) The Moderators can initiate non PvP combat situations without express permission from players.

2) If you would like to be excluded from these situations, designate your character as a non-combatant in their character profile. The Mods will do their best not to include you in fights, but you must also make attempts to avoid combat. A non-combatant character cannot walk into the middle of an active fire-fight and expect everything to spontaneously halt for them.

3) You cannot assume attacks hit home. You must give the other party a chance to react.

4) You cannot actively dodge specific bullets. You can take actions that make you a harder target to hit in general terms, and you can wear bullet proof armor. (See Gunfight Rules for more information)

5) No character is invincible or immortal. You cannot dodge every attack thrown at you. Please use common sense when deciding if attacks hit you or not. Unrealistic fighting is no fun for anyone. If you feel another player is being unrealistic, PM a Mod and we will mediate the conflict.

Gun Fights:

1) If using a gun against NPCs than the accuracy of your shooting is more or less between you and the Mod running the NPCs. Combat runs as usual.

2) If using a gun against a PC than a shot cannot kill the other character unless their player agrees to it first. This may be slightly unrealistic, but it's the most fair solution I can think of. The worst a shot can do is dehabilitating damage that will require immediate medical attention and take a while to recover from.

3) When you go to take your shot, write your post as normal. At the bottom of the post is a Die Roll option. Select d100 and enter 1 as number of dice to roll. The roll will appear as a separate post that will have SharonFish as the poster. I do not actually create these posts. They are randomly generated. They are credited to me because I am the Admin. PM a mod.

4) The mod will determine the difficulty of the shot based on a number of factors such as range, target size, shooting conditions, player's familiarity with firearms, ect... and will edit the roll post to let you know if it was a success. If it was a failure, they will let you know what you hit instead. I will try to get a basic difficulty chart posted in the near future, to give you an idea of how high a roll is required for what kind of shot.

The Role of the Moderators:

Beyond being referees for the game, the Mods may also create events and situations that the characters must react to. These may or may not be combat oriented. The purpose of these events is to keep game-play exciting and fun. If you do not want a Mod to interfere in your current thread please message them to let them know.

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