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Q: Can I play a Robot?
A: Yes, but read the guidelines for AI units. There are some restrictions.

Q: Can I play an Alien?
A: No. There are aliens on Aurenul, but none of them are sentient. They haven't advanced much beyond primordial amphibian.

Q: Can I play the captain of a star-ship?
A: No. Though Aurenul was originally colonized by Earth, the current civilizations are incapable of space flight. See History and Science for more details.

Q: If I am a devout worshiper of a deity will they give me special favors?
A: If you are looking for supernatural favors, no. But the church heads are often powerful figures in their own right, so you might reap benefits of a less miraculous nature.

Q: Do the people of Aurenul know about Earth?
A: Not as such. They know in a vague sense that they came from another planet, but much historical knowledge has been lost and the accounts are all heavily colored by religion.

Q: What races are on Aurenul?
A: Any race found on earth is likely to have some representation on Aurenul, but will will be recognizable by physical characteristics only. See above question.

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