A quick and dirty history of Aurenul

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A quick and dirty history of Aurenul

Post by SharonFish on 4/15/2009, 6:18 pm

2591 years ago: Unmanned Colonization Evaluation Probes land on Aurenul and determine that it is suitable for colonization.

2539 years ago: The first ship "lands" on Aurenul. The landing goes very badly. The planet is found to be prone to massive electrical storms that wax and wane over a period of 15 years. When the probes landed the cycle was at its low. Now the storms are at full force. The storms damage the ship irreparably, though many survive the landing. Over the next year and a half the rest of the colonization fleet arrives and, because they lack the resources to turn back, are forced to attempt the landing. No ship comes down completely unscathed.

2529 years ago: Plague breaks out among the colonists. Because no aid can be safely sent, the colony is officially abandoned by Earth. Contact with Earth is lost.

2514 years ago: The survivors of the plague begin to form civilizations around the original crash sites.

2471 years ago: The Itovan Empire is founded by Aneirin Eld. Year 1 of the modern calendar. It begins a campaign of expansionist wars.

Year 812: The Rim Nations Resistance is formed by the Republic of Curnadac to allow nations to band together and share resources in combating the Itovan Empire.

Year 1447: Itovan Emperor Ædelfrid Eld decides that the Empire can no longer afford to expand, and begins a reign of relative peace.

Year 2453: King Savas, Queen Hanna, and their daughter Grace of Mardra are assassinated while on a diplomatic visit to Highview. The old wars are rekindled. Emperor Maël Eld of Itova makes many grand speeches about restoring the glory of the empire.

Year 2462: Emperor Maël dies unexpectedly. Rumors abound that he was murdered by his son Loïc, who now takes the throne.

Year 2473: Current Date.

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