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Pennya is the oldest of all the nations.

National symbol: A hearth, a sheaf of wheat and an open scroll overlaid on a shield

Government: Oligarchy

There are four ruling families
– The heads of the families live in Egresius and serve as heads of national government
– The lower level family members serve as local government officials

The first heads of the families were high ranking officers aboard the colony ship. Their titles have remained unchanged since that time, though they little relate to the role that person actually serves.

Current heads:
Head of Personnel: Harald Gib
Head of Science: Eugen Hannes
Head of Engineering: Rosangela Davina
Head of Armed Forces: Sundara Riya

Judicial System: Moderate police force and court system.

Technology: Middling to low level, mostly focused on agriculture.

Population: Largely focused in rural areas with a small number of urban centers. Massive middle class with a small upper class and a small lower class. Gender equality is good.

Military: Not very strong. Composed entirely of volunteers. Pennya is heavily dependent on the Ring Alliance for it's defense.

Has a singular all powerful creation goddess who is believed to have guided the ship to Aurenul

Primary Diety: Theoleda: a somewhat stern and imposing mother figure

Afterlife: Is a sort of vaguely pleasant agrarian setting where souls gather food for the Goddess. Those who were evil are said to receive rocky and barren soil to till.
Supernatural: There is a lot of stock put behind curses, particularly curses against land or livestock

Worship: Involves bringing sacrifices to temples
Holidays: Are very few and more prayer than celebration
Holidays Celebrate: The beginning of the growing season and the harvest.

Clergy: Both genders
Function: spiritual advisors
Lifestyle: Most live in reclusive monastic centers but a few work in the public temples
Family: They are encouraged to marry other priests
Chosen: The volunteer and must pass an initiation test
Distinguished By: distinctive jewelry

Holy Color: Green

Passed Down: through several holy texts
Creation Myth Type: The goddess guiding her people to a land of plenty

Deadly Sins: Incompetency and Inconsistency
High Virtues: Hard work, Honesty, and Firmness

Coming of Age: usually around 18
Coming of Age Rite: they must successfully manage a plot of land for one year, even if farming is not their chosen profession. There are community gardens specifically for this purpose.

Marriage: Heavily celebrated with a ceremony outside the local temple. The nuclear family is very important in Pennyan culture. Divorces are very rare and very frowned upon.

Death Rites: are very solemn and involve the whole community. The body is buried with words to the effect of "they are returned to the earth from whence they came."

Major Taboo: breaking promises

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